SMS Promotions for Businesses

Among the many strategies that businesses employ to reach a larger customer base and engage current customers, the use of web-based short message service (SMS) text messaging continues to reign as the champion. Using SMS marketing channels proves to be the best method for sending targeted and effective messages with the highest conversion rate. This is why SMS promotions are a great way for companies to deliver relevant information to their customer base quickly and efficiently.

In this article, we’ll outline some most effective SMS promotions for business.


What Is SMS Promotion?

A promotional SMS is a short text message for marketing purposes. It delivers time-sensitive offers and product updates, with the goal of generating engagement and conversions. It can be used to deliver exclusive deals, circulate discount codes, appointment reminders, and shipping updates directly to your recipients’ mobile phones.

Types of Different Promotional SMS

There is no limit to the creativity you can call upon here to engage your subscribers, including:

Welcome Messages

The welcome message sets the tone for your customer relationships. It’s a warm and engaging initial SMS that introduces your brand and expresses gratitude to a new subscriber. A thoughtfully crafted welcome message establishes a great first impression and sets the stage for meaningful interactions ahead.

Buy One, Get One Messages

You can use SMS to inform subscribers about a free item offered. This will create immediate interest and provoke customers to take advantage of the attractive offer. BOGO promotions are great because they cultivate a sense of loyalty among your customer base.

Launch Announcements

This is a strategic way to communicate to your customers about a specific product or collection that you believe will really resonate with them and cause them to explore that along with other products. In some cases, it offers exclusive early access or limited-time discounts.

Free Shipping Promos 

Who doesn’t love not paying for shipping? A free shipping promotion gives recipients the opportunity to enjoy shipping on purchased items at no extra cost. This motivates them to make a purchase, driving conversions, and reinforcing a positive shopping experience. 

Flash Sale Announcements

A flash sale is a great way to create engagement and urgency among your subscribers. This message delivers time-sensitive information about a short-lived sale or promotion. It encourages users to act fast to secure exclusive deals or discounts. 

Loyal Status Updates

As the name suggests, having a loyalty program encourages repeat purchases and builds customer loyalty. This keeps your valued customers informed about their progress and rewards. 

The message tells recipients their current status within your loyalty program. Additionally, it highlights the benefits they’ve earned and the ones they’re close to unlocking, which creates a compelling incentive for future engagement. 

Referral Program Reminders

This concise message gently reminds recipients about your referral program’s benefits. The benefits can include discounts, rewards, exclusive perks, or whatever else you want it to. 

The message taps into the power of word-of-mouth marketing to boost customer engagement and conversions. This expands your brand’s reach through trusted recommendations.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

This type of message is a nudge aimed at recovering potentially lost sales–it’s a reminder to recipients about the items they left behind in their online cart. You’ll want to emphasise the value of the abandoned items. 

Here, you can offer an additional incentive to complete the purchase. This guides the customer back to the checkout process. 

‘Thank You’ Promos

A ‘thank you’ promo is a thoughtful gesture that communicates the appreciation you have for your customers. In this message, you can express gratitude for their recent purchases, continued engagement, or overall loyalty. You may include an exclusive discount as a token of your appreciation.


Wrapping It All Up

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