Text Message Marketing ROI

 In an era where digital distractions are omnipresent, businesses have to face the hurdle of capturing consumer attention. Traditional online marketing methods, such as ads and emails, have lost their sheen and come with declining engagement rates and escalating costs, putting their return on investment (ROI) at risk. 

One solution to this is text message marketing. With consumers glued to their phones, SMS marketing can be a potent tool, especially for businesses where timing and immediate customer response are critical. This article will look at why SMS marketing is a smart investment and what businesses should prioritise when choosing a service provider.


The Rise of Text Message Marketing

 Text message marketing, or ‘SMS marketing,’ is not just another digital strategy to throw at customers–it’s a response to evolving consumer behaviour. Today’s consumers are bombarded with information, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to reach them. 

Email inboxes are cluttered and spam filters are more robust than ever. SMS boasts an astounding 90% engagement rate, a stark contrast to the 20% to 30% typically seen with email marketing. This high engagement is a testament to both the immediacy and personalised nature of text messages. SMS marketing allows companies to make sure their messages and their top revenue drivers are seen by clients most likely to engage.


Why SMS Marketing Stands Out

High Open Rates

Text messages have an open rate of up to 98%, ensuring messages don’t land in an inbox just to be ignored.


For businesses that depend on real-time communication with customers–be it shipping notifications or time-sensitive sales–SMS allows for prompt delivery of critical information. It also allows customer service messages to be handled quickly, creating a better experience for the client.


With customer relationship management (CRM) integration, messages to customers can be tailored, making them more relevant and engaging for each recipient. Sending product discounts specifically designed for a section of a company’s clientele is much more likely to get engagement than generic emails.


Choosing the Right SMS Marketing Service

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at which SMS marketing services will offer a company the best ROI. When searching for the best fit, businesses should focus on:

Integration Capabilities

Businesses should ensure the service they choose integrates seamlessly with their existing CRM and email marketing systems.


The best services can handle high message volumes efficiently. This is vital for businesses with large customer bases, of course, but no company wants to be restrained to their current size. Businesses should make sure the SMS service has a larger capacity than the one they currently require.

Delivery and Reporting Features

Businesses should look for services that offer real-time delivery reports and analytics that allow them to measure campaign effectiveness.

Compliance and Security

Companies should choose a provider that adheres to privacy laws and ensures data security.

SMS for Internal Communication

While it’s a powerful tool for customer engagement, SMS can also play a starring role in internal communications. It’s an effective way to disseminate urgent updates, reminders, and alerts within a team–especially in sectors like tech, finance, and healthcare.

The immediacy of SMS ensures that critical information is received quickly. Giving a company the ability to be more responsive is one of the main components of text message marketing ROI.


A Necessary Tool

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for businesses facing the challenges of low engagement and high advertising costs. Its ability to deliver quick, personalised messages directly to a consumer’s most-checked device–their phone–sets it apart. In a crowded digital landscape, SMS marketing is a high ROI investment for strengthening relationships with both new and existing customers.