5 Creative Ways To Use Online SMS To Grow Your Business


Want to make your marketing a lot more effective?

Here’s the secret, find the right people at the right time using the right delivery mechanism (marketing channel).

With 82% of Australians tethered to their phones, and 82.1% of us actively opening text messages combined with the fact that a person who subscribes to your mobile list is already pre-interested and pre-motivated to buy what you have, Online SMS helps you nail all 3 basic requirements further increasing the performance of your marketing campaign.

Here are 5 ways to squeeze more juice out of your SMS marketing campaigns and become the hero of your company.

#1. Highly Targeted, Irresistible Offers

When it comes to SMS relevancy is vital.

The less relevant your text messages are, the less people will stay on your list and ultimately the less sales you’ll generate, irrelevancy creates a death spiral.

Luckily, SMS allows you to segment your lists into any kind of category you like whether it’s past purchases, interests, demographics, geographic location, whatever.

This segmentation allows you to engineer intelligent, highly relevant offers that have a high chance of generating sales.

#2. Discover New Opportunities

While segmentation gives you a fairly strong understanding of what your customers already like, you never know if there are new opportunities to explore.

By sending out an SMS asking for opinions, feedback, and even what goals they’re trying to achieve you can tighten up your existing offers or even test new ideas to drive more value.

#3. Double Or Triple Your Email Open Rates

Let’s face it. Even though email marketing is one of the best marketing channels out there it has to be said that the open and response rates are laughable.

Using SMS to promote important email campaigns is an incredibly effective strategy, just a quick heads up like this works perfect…

”Hi Mike, did you catch our latest newsletter on our upcoming free energy product? It’s set to disrupt the big energy companies? It’s in your email inbox, Jake.”

Believe me, Mike’s going to open that email and instead of that 20% open rate you love so much you can now expect to double or triple that response.

You’ll be the hero at your next marketing meeting for sure!

#4. Turn Your SMS List Into A VIP Only Nightclub

People love to feel like they’re part of something special, like they’re part of an insider’s club.

The mistake most businesses make with SMS is that they treat it as an extension of their email program sending the same old offers.

Instead create information and offers that are exclusive to SMS subscribers only.

It’s also important to remind your SMS subscribers that these offers are only available through SMS and that they can invite their friends to join your SMS VIP subscription to get more people on your list.

For extra points place a limit on the number of people who can join your SMS club. This added layer of scarcity will add more value to your subscription while reducing unsubscribe rates.

#5. SMS Is Conversational

Another common mistake with marketers and businesses is that all of their offers seem to be disjointed, unconnected.

If you think about a text conversation you have with a friend you’ll find that it is made up of smaller related texts which build into an overarching conversation:

Person A: Hey what are you up to this weekend?

Person B: Got a family lunch, you free after that?

Persona A: Absolutely.

That’s a functional normal conversation, each text related to the last.

Instead we’re sending texts that resemble a crazy person conversation:

Person A: What are you up to this weekend?

Person B: Got a family lunch, you free after that?

Person A: Have a good sleep?

Person B: Wha?

Person A: What’s your favourite colour again?

Send offers and information that is related to the last offer and even refer back to the previous text message:

“Jack, last week I sent you a 50% off code for our blazers, thought you might also like 20% off our Egyptian cotton shirts, they’re amazing! Jill.”

Do you link every text together?

Of course not, just like in a real conversation with a friend you have short conversations on a specific topic and then you both move onto a completely different topic.

Try the same thing with your SMS messages and you’ll see that your sales will go up as well as your engagement.


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