How to Send SMS Messages to Multiple Numbers

Among the many customer engagement strategies being implemented by companies these days, the use of web-based SMS continues to rise in prominence. In recent years, the popularity of using convenient online messaging services like has given both global brands and small businesses alike the ability to connect with their customer bases in this new and engaging way.

Bulk text messages are the best way for companies to deliver relevant information to their customer base quickly and efficiently. In this article, we’ll outline how to send short message service (SMS) messages to multiple numbers.


Know the Laws and Regulations

Depending on what country or province you are operating within and sending messages to, there may be some specific legislation surrounding SMS. Be sure to look into those regulations before you start sending out messages.

It’s pretty straightforward, and the regulations usually fall into the category of common sense. These regulations typically include but are not limited to: 

  • Obtaining written consent before contacting a customer through your SMS channel
  • Providing clear straightforward instructions to opt-out of future messages 
  • Only sending messages during approved business hours to avoid fines


Upload Contact List

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the regulations of your country, you need to set up a contact list for your web-based SMS. allows you to copy and paste up to 250 numbers from your contact list directly into your account on our website.

If you have a contact list that is larger than 250 people, don’t worry–it is super simple to import your entire database as an .xls file using the ‘import’ button that is located in the contact section of your account with us.


Craft the Text Message

Next, type an original message that you would like sent out to your customers. You’ll have full creative control here to send whatever message you’d like. Keep in mind that SMS messages should be short and sweet while using impactful language that’ll compel your recipients to engage. Be sure to include a call to action (CTA) so it is clear to the customer what action they should take after reading the message.

Some examples of good things to send bulk SMS messages about can include:

  • Discount codes
  • Special offers or sales
  • New product launches
  • Follow ups after recent visits
  • Shipping and delivery updates
  • Requests for a post-purchase review

You can even remind a customer they have an item still sitting in their checkout cart! There is no limit to what you can connect with your customers about.


Schedule the Messages

Timing can make a big difference as customers are less likely to interact with a message depending on when you send it. Strategically scheduling your SMS messages ensures that they will be unrushed, professional, and skillfully crafted.

Decide on the date and time that work best for what you’re trying to achieve. After that, just send it and forget it! If you need to make any changes, you can remove a scheduled message at any point and edit as you deem necessary. You can also set up repeat messages, inputting the exact points at which you’d like the SMS to be circulated.


Next Steps

If you’re looking to send SMS messages to multiple numbers, look no further than Let us handle all of your bulk messaging needs. As one of the leading SMS gateways operating today, we can help you design and successfully execute your company’s next SMS market campaign!