What Is SMS Broadcasting?

Short message service (SMS) broadcasting is one of the most effective customer engagement strategies within the e-commerce marketing arena today. It is continuing to revolutionise that space, giving companies worldwide an engaging, impactful way to connect with their customers.

With more than 90% of marketers seeing more than $50 made for every $1 spent on marketing efforts, it is undeniable that proper SMS marketing can help businesses maximise their annual ROI and sky rocket brand awareness. Online messaging services like 160.com.au specialise in just that and can help you launch a successful SMS broadcasting campaign.

This all sounds great, but what, exactly, is SMS broadcasting? In this article, we’ll answer that question and unpack how SMS marketing can help businesses grow in today’s modern market.


Broadcast Texting

SMS broadcasting is also known as ‘broadcast texting’ or ‘text message marketing.’ SMS broadcasting is a way for businesses to send out a single message to a large targeted group simultaneously.

Text messaging is one of the most universal forms of communication and most people would never be caught without their mobile phone. Companies across the globe have leveraged this fact to their advantage, finding text messages to be the best way to connect with their customers.

When companies send out broadcast text messages, they’re typically around 160 characters in length and meant to inform customers of deals, discount codes, appointment reminders, post purchase follow ups, membership VIP perks, ticket info in regards to special events, etc. SMS broadcasting allows companies to build long-term brand loyalty with customers while delivering a personalised, engaging experience for subscribers.


Key Elements to SMS Broadcasting

To ensure effective, efficient transmission of communication, SMS broadcasting is composed of several key elements that make this possible, including:

Contact List

The contact list is a collection of phone numbers belonging to customers who have opted-in and consented to becoming subscribers.

Sender ID

The sender ID identifies your business to your recipients and helps your customers recognise and recall your brand.

Message Content

You can send whatever it is that you’d like to share with your customers. Here is where some of your market research will be useful to help you target specific customers and to circulate relevant and valuable information to them based on user demographics and behaviour.

SMS Gateway

This is where a company like 160.com.au comes in to act as a bridge between sender and recipient. This is at the heart of what facilitates the delivery of bulk SMS messaging.


How SMS Broadcasting Is Good for Business

Here are some different dimensions to SMS broadcasting that make it successful as a big-picture marketing strategy for businesses across all industries:

Standardised Messages

A broadcast message that is the same for all subscribers ensures consistency and will ultimately help you find your brand’s unique voice that resonates with your customers.

Targeted Reach

One of the most useful aspects of SMS broadcasting is the ability to segment out a specific demographic based on whatever metrics you want and send tailored mass messages that will be relevant to these groups.

Automated Messages

Sending pre-scheduled and recurring messages to a selected group of recipients is a great way to save time and money as a busy entrepreneur. This only requires involvement in the initial stages to set it up, and then again if you ever need to update it.


Let Us Take the Reins

There are other benefits SMS broadcasting can have for your company that will be unique to your industry that you’ll discover as you embark on this journey. 160.com.au is excited to assist with successfully launching your SMS broadcasting program and helping you grow an engaged subscriber list for your business!